Minnesota 511 Customer Reviews:


Looking for route around road construction. Found route instantly and lane closure info was as easy as clicking on one button. I love this app.

Fair at best, does help. MN should take a look at ND road conditions app, it is significantly better...BY FAR!!

Useful, but could be MORE useful

If the DOT would update road conditions more often, this ap would be awesome. Right now its showing a 12 hour delay in updating driving conditions.

511 minnesota

Road Conditions is easy to use an accurate.


Needs update more..6:43 am when I posted this and last update for northwest mn. Was yesterday at 1:47 pm dealing with ice and slush..so did it freeze up overnight or what?

Solid app

Sometimes takes a while for a stretch of road to update, but it's still immensely useful

Excellent way to Improve Travel

While traveling to and from Minnesota in Winter and Summer, this app helped us plan our trip. We missed snow and iced roads in the winter and flooded roads in the summer. Easy to use. Must have this Minnesota 511 app. I wish my state had a good 511 app.

Excellent app for road conditions

Good but needs work

Just needs to be more frequent road updates.

Great high-level info about route conditions,

but UI feels like it's still a beta test; difficult to zoom in on a specific interchange without the cursor randomly jumping around the screen precisely where you don't need it.

Love this application for road conditions while making travel plans and daily route to work.

Never works

NEEDED this app today...always error "stopped working" I'm removing

Better in late 2014

1st version sucked. This one in late 2014 is much better. It stays zoomed to your area. I haven't tried it with gps on so I don't know if that will add anything.

Good app for my job

Good app

This app has been very helpful as I commute all over MN!!

Great app

What happened to the layer of winter driving? This was the best part of the app.

Doesn't even load. And why does the app need to use my camera and microphone?

Did not work

Opened the app and it wouldn't load road conditions, just the map. Tried opening it several more times and it crashed. Pretty useless.

Never worked, installed several times. Just freezes. Have new phone to.


App opens completely blank

Uninstalled after new device permissions

App needs too much access to phone. Camera, audio, WiFi connections, offline storage? No way. Good bye, spyware.

Camera and mic too?

I would love to hear about the new feature that requires the use of my camera / mic.

Love it

I love being able to know what's going on before I leave somewhere


Showed nothing useful. Better info on Google Maps. Nothing worked right. No video camera image. Warning signs everywhere but no way to find added info. Waste of time and memory space. Uninstalled it after finding it useless.


Not stable. Crashes more than it runs.

App is good; website needs more attention

This app works fine. I had very few issues. The website it pulls from, however, needs more attention. Some days, during long tretches of bad weather, the site wouldn't be updated for a day or two. We never knew how dependable the info was.

Nice to have in the winter or bad weather.

Crash on launch

No update since March. I sense developers have abandoned this project


RTMC does an awesome job with this app. It's very accurate and I use everyday! ~ 8110


This app was awful when I first installed it. You couldn't tell what you were looking at or what the roads were like. Now it's a hundred times better! Adding the ledgend at the bottom of the screen made a world of difference and the map is much cleaner, loads faster as well; good job!!

Superb app

Absolutely wonderful app and a great resource.

getting better

some time back this was a hit or miss deal. good to see improvements in performance and UI. keep it up.

Getting better.

Improved over earlier versions. Sometimes doesn't show road conditions.


Driving truck across country and having any of the 511 apps helps. A lot!God bless you all :)

App sucks

This takes forever to load....doesn't work well at all. Uninstalled.

Informative, momentarily

Nice app on the surface but did not update during crucial travel period. Two days later and still has old data.

Quick access to incident map and camera images.

Won't load

Only crashes. Won't load.

Doesn't work well

When I downloaded it keeps try to load, doesn't show road conditions

Great... When it works.

Often times the app will not display winter driving conditions, which is the entire reason I downloaded the app. Still end up having to open the Mndot page in my browser instead.